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The enigmatic Gary Kurtz!

Gary Kurtz is not easy to define. His style, his personality and his talent put him in a class of its own, in a parallel universe! Renown worldwide by his peers as an innovator and a touchstone in the Psychic world, Gary Kurtz performs everywhere seducing the most sceptical of audiences.With “Just an illusion?” Kurtz captivates the audience, leading the spectators into a series of surprises. They will be mesmerized by this artist who takes reality to the outer limits. Gary Kurtz has been a guest star twice on NBC, appearing in The World’s Most Dangerous Magic I and II. He was also a recipient of the prestigious Dunninger Award for excellence and innovation in psychic entertainment. .

Half a million spectators and 700 performances later, the enigmatic Gary Kurtz is back with something entirely new. Directed by Alexis Martin, this show promises more visual effects, larger than ever with greater audience participation. From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from life to death, invisible forces move our world. With his new show, Gary Kurtz will take the audience on a voyage to the heart of these very same forces. Give yourselves over to the marvellous magic of mentalism thanks to Gary Kurtz’ mystifying illusions.

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