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Thomas Cadabra, the magician for Daycares and Pre-schools

Thomas the magician offers 4 magic shows for pre-schools and daycare centers. His productions designed for a very young audience are very much in demand in the Montreal area and all over Quebec.

Discover his 4 original magic shows on his Website: Thomas Cadabra: The Children’s Magician.

The show is both entertaining and funny. Thomas stimulates the children’s imaginations with simple notions such as patience, effort, wonderment and trust.

  • 60 minutes of magic designed for 5 year olds and less
  • One hour of laughter guaranteed
  • Emphasis on wholesome values that will stimulate the children’s imagination
  • A 100% interactive performance with many volunteers
  • A charming life-like skunk
  • A majestic set design to fit your theme
  • Music to emphasize the magic
  • A professional sound system

Four different thematic shows with matching set design for all occasions including Christmas and Easter. Thomas Cadabra is also known as an excellent magician for children’s parties. and a remarkable magician for schools.

Thomas Cadabra is the number one specialist of magic for a very young audience in Quebec.

Thomas Cadabra
Kids favorite magician

Tél.: 514-865-9629
Videos : YouTube Thomas Cadabra The Magician

Site web (français) :
Vidéos (français) : YouTube Thomas Cadabra Le Magicien

Excerpt of the 4 magic shows for daycare center

Thomas Cadabra and Snowball the rabbit

The comedy magic show of Thomas Cadabra

Excerpt of the Christmas show

Excerpt of the Easter show

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Thomas Cadabra the Christmas Magician