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Loran – Show for schools

« Not only did all the students truly enjoy the show, the comments we received from the teachers were laudatory » (Saint-Noël-Chabanel School,ON)

With more than 700 performances in Asia, a show tour in Algeria and numerous television appearances, Loran is an artist who sets himself apart from traditional magicians. If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing … as simple as that! (French – English)

1-Sorcellia (High school)

Mesmerizing and mystifying, the show Sorcellia takes you on a journey of incredible performances, including exclusive magical effects, mentalism, audience participation, theatrical choreography, and manipulation, supported by Loran’s exceptional sleight of hand. Be prepared to experience a visual sense of wonder! (See video)

2-The Magic Grimoire (Elementary)

Filled with magic and poetry, this show will charm everyone. A cascade of magical effects, storytelling, music, interaction, humour, and scenery. Everything comes together, transporting the audience to a world of varied mysteries. (See video)

3-Captain Loran (Elementary)

A pirate on a stopover, sweeps you up in his cheerfulness and love of life, with sailor songs, rope tricks, fascinating tales, and legends of Quebec. An original show, both entertaining and educational ! (See video)

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Website : www.loranillusion.com

Video (2 min) « Sorcellia »

Vidéo (1.13 min) « The Magic Grimoire »

Vidéo (1.45 min) « Capitaine Loran »